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Attend as a Group: Gain a Much Richer Experience of the Event and Save

Check out the group rate discounts and benefits why it’s worth bringing a whole group from your company to Sales Cruise.

Discount Rates

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$0per month
  • Super Early Bird
    (Jan 1st to Feb 7th, 2020)
  • Early Bird
    (Feb 8th, 2020 to Mar 6th, 2020)
  • Standard Rate
    (Mar 7th, 2020 to April 9th, 2020)
  • Late Rate
    (April 10th, 2020 to Apr 17th)

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Professional development opportunities are an essential ingredient for many organizations when it comes to growth plans. Conferences often play a big role in these professional development efforts. In fact, close to 80% of last year’s Sales Cruise attendees had their registration badge paid for by an employer.

It’s not uncommon for an organization to select one or two lucky employees to attend a conference each year but sending a larger group actually provides a lot of value.
Here are five benefits of attending Sales Cruise with a team.

1. Strengthen Company Culture and Fosters Team-Building

Attending Sales Cruise is a great way for organizations to nurture collaborative team-building and fortify company culture. Conference environments allow for more relaxed and natural interactions to occur, they also help inspire shared excitement and passion around work related topics.

2. Enables Greater Knowledge Absorption

Having a larger group present at an event also allows individuals to take a ‘divide and conquer’ approach to the program, share notes, and explore resources that might be otherwise missed. It also encourages a dialog around the sessions, speakers, and topics that will likely lead to a greater overall understanding and appreciation for the content.

3. Helps Solidify Learning and Professional Growth

Learning in a new space encourages growth that is otherwise unlikely to happen in an employee’s everyday environment. Attending Sales Cruise as a group is a powerful way to develop new skills, catch up on the latest trends, spark inspiration, rekindle passion, hear from experts, and more.

4. Liaising Onsite as a Team

Liaising with team members onsite will enable the team to discuss actionable takeaways, tactics and strategies learned together at Sales Cruise and how they can be applied when back in the office.

5. Value for Money – Significantly Reduces Company Cost

Financially speaking, it often feels like an expensive proposition to send a large group of people to Sales Cruise. But in truth, sending a team will help cut professional development costs in the long run for organizations committed to providing annual opportunities for their employees. Think about it this way, traveling with a group to one event allows for shared lodging, transportation, and food costs.