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Attend Sales Cruise 2015, Get Certified!

We are proud to announce that one of the Training Workshops at Sales Cruise 2015 will be an exclusive ‘Certified Mobile Marketer’ Workshop facilitated by Robert Fleming, President of the eMarketing Association (eMA), the largest association of Marketers in the world. In this must-attend workshop Robert will cover all you need to be successful in this emerging and fast growing mobile environment including the syllabus for the CMM examination.
After attending the ‘Certified Mobile Marker’ Workshop attendees will be eligible to take the eMarketing Association CMM examination at their convenience online. There is a 2 1/2 hour time limit to taking the online exam which consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that tests your knowledge of concepts and specifics in mobile sales covered in the Workshop.

The cost to attend the ‘Certified Mobile Marketer’ Workshop is just $195 (which includes the $149 examination fee).

Why Become Certified?

Today’s sales environment and Eco structure are heavily influenced by the proliferation of smart phones and tablet computing. This change is influencing email, search, advertising and social sales with an impact as dramatic as the introduction of the laptop 20 years ago. Marketers today need to be knowledgeable in multiple sales channels and strategies, and Mobile Sales is the most important sales channel to arrive since the invention of the desktop computer. The Certified Mobile Marketer designation assures that Mobile is a part of your sales expertise. Mobile Sales is undergoing a period of unprecedented growth. Becoming Certified adds an unparalleled professional distinction to your sales credentials by validating the knowledge obtained while working in the Mobile Sales industry.

Benefits of Professional CMM Certification:

  • Professionalism – Certification indicates a high level of professionalism to your coworkers, customers and clients, increasing your consultative value.
  • Leadership – Certification signifies that you are dedicated to continuous improvement of yourself and the professional standards of your staff.
  • Recognition – professionals receive a personalized certificate, and the privilege of using the CMM designation on their letterhead and business card (i.e. Joan Smith, CMM)
  • Knowledge – Certification will improve your understanding of the most current sales and sales processes and trends.
  • Achievement – Only a small percentage of eMarketing executives achieve certification, indicating you are a leader in the eMarketing profession.

CMM Examination Guide

  • Objective – The accreditation/certification of an individual as Certified Mobile Marketer. This provides a credential that indicates competence in the mobile sales arena, thereby establishing credibility for that individual.
  • Purpose – To certify an individual as competent and capable of performing mobile sales functions utilizing current technological processes and established sales techniques.
  • Process – To measure and evaluate the social sales knowledge, understanding, and ability of an individual through a 50 question examination. The exam is taken online at your convenience, no scheduling is necessary. You receive your result instantly upon completion. If you fail the exam on your first attempt you may retake the exam at no charge after a 3 day waiting period.
  • Benefit – Upon successful completion of the examination, you may use the CMM designation on websites, resumes, and bios and for any other appropriate application. Certified individuals are entered into an eMA data base for employers, or customers to verify certification status. Certification demonstrates your ability in the social sales arena, and your commitment to professional development.

CMM Syllabus

The CMM Syllabus competencies include the following;

  • Knowledge of Mobile Sales Services
  • Knowledge of Mobile Sales Infrastructure
  • Knowledge of Mobile devices
  • Knowledge of MMS
  • Knowledge of SMS
  • Knowledge of Push notifications
  • Ability to set up QR codes
  • Ability to adhere to privacy regulations
  • Ability to understand iOS and Android operating systems
  • Ability to communicate with IT and web designers
  • Ability to download apps
  • Understanding of basic eMail marketing
  • Understanding of basic sales principals
  • Understanding of different mobile website solutions
  • Understanding of basic mobile sales technology on the Internet
  • Understanding of mobile devices and social management programs on those devices
  • Ability to monitor relevant metrics of a social sales program
  • Understanding of basic sales principals
  • Understanding of the assets required for a mobile sales program
  • Understanding of basic writing skills for producing content on mobile sites
  • Understanding of frequency and relevance of content for SMS sales programs
  • Understanding the evolution of mobile media
  • Knowledge of Spam and its consequences on mobile programs
  • Knowledge of linking, mobile and its effect on SEO
  • Understanding of B to C vs. B to B marketing
  • Understanding of the use of photography in mobile marketing
  • Knowledge of the difference between dynamic mobile sites, standalone sites and adaptive sites

Staying Certified

Your certification does not have an expiration date; however, you may re-certify at any time by documenting your participation in continuing education and other professional development activities. After you become certified you will receive complete information on re-certification.